ZEOFORM is a revolutionary reconstituted material made from cellulose and water – and nothing else!

ZEOFORM, a patented, revolutionary eco-friendly industrial material, derived from raw cellulose – the most abundant source of fibre on the planet.

Pure cellulose extracted from recycled and reclaimed papers, industrial hemp, discarded natural fabrics, waste and renewable plants, is sustainably transformed into a strong, durable, flexible base material called ZEOFORM™.

Similar in look, feel and function to a dense hardwood, ZEOFORM can be sprayed, moulded or formed into infinite shapes, sizes, colours and variations – including specialised substrates for unique applications in any industry requiring woods, plastics and resins for manufacturing.

ZEOFORM is truly 100% eco-friendly – with no glues, binders, chemicals or additives ofany kind. A unique patented process produces a beautiful, versatile, extremely strong material for hundreds of thousands of products used everywhere and every day, worldwide.

While rapidly diminishing resources of wood, and environmentally damaging petrochemical derivatives are untenable as source materials into the future, ZEOFORM converts waste into a UNIVERSAL Material that will replace most plastics, woods and composite materials used in manufacturing today.

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