This cordless telephone Xenia has an integrated answering machine.
The design was tested among 4 competing telephones by a panel of end users.
It was a breakthrough experience.
Everything was revealed, the touch against the skin, the feedback from keys, colors, placement of the handset, weight, smell,
you name it, they noticed it, discussed it.
Xenia was evaluated to be the most promising design with a lot of attractive features and appealing design.
It is truly amazing how much and how speeding fast users evaluate a product.

The design is based on the interplay of convex and concave surfaces which enhances the tactile qualities of the telephone.
The rear of the handset has a convex shape and the sides have a concave indent.
On the base station, the handset bay curves up gently on both sides.
This improves the ergonomics and helps to guide the user’s hand to the handset.
The function keys are positioned on the top left and those of the answering machine at the bottom right to the slit on the base.
The design of the keys and typography has been kept simple, making the telephone easy for use.

1996 Xenia receives the IF Design Award.

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