Wood soft as leather

These thin sheets of wood are bonded to a fabric and then micro laser etched, which gives this product the impressive pliability it boasts.
Wood that has become soft as leather and as flexible as fabric, this material is also eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty free and natural. Fashion is the first industry to heave realized the potential of this new material. Uses are endless however as everything that can be made from a textile or leather can also be made from Ligneah.
The softness, texture, flexibility, weight and thickness of wood textiles depend upon the type of wood used, type of support, type of processing, type of coating and type of wood essence used. Ligneah is available in birch, Bolivia, ash, walnut, cherry, evaporated beech, elm, maple and durmast.
The wood used for Ligneah comes exclusively from forests that are managed ethically and with respect for the whole ecosystem. The certification FSC guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood. Thanks to an agreement with Tree Nation, for each product sold a tree is planted in Niger.




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