What does design cost?

The Value of Design

If you think that good design is expensive, then you should look at what bad design costs!

Of course, any budget overrun should be avoided, or rather, a realistic budget is essential. Thorough planning for all phases involving design and product development can pay off to the highest degree.

Design Brief

In a professional partnership provides for a reconciliation of expectations, a Design Brief.

  • How do you want to market your business?
  • How is your product portfolio composed?
  • What does the market look like?
  • What are the success criteria?
  • What purpose does the product serve?
  • Who is the product addressing?
  • What materials are available?
  • Wwhat production method is used?
  • What is the retail price?

Just a few examples of questions that can be made, in addition to the time and money!

Good planning is half the victory!

It is first and foremost the task of the designer to implement user needs. But the rest of the pieces of the puzzle must also meet in a successful solution.

It is too costly with mistakes and wrong conclusions, the finished product must hit the first time. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of success, the real test is only when the product is on the market.

What is the cost of design that creates value?

Design is much more than styling, it is also about creating value. Good planning and project management are a key success factor for profitable product development.

The investment in design must be able to pay for itself, and the structured and practical approach makes it far more likely that the product will be attractive for consumer perception. And it is the consumer who must demand and buy the product! It is therefore crucial that the product stands out from its competitors, it must have a distinctive character so that the benefits are highlighted and obvious.

Let us review the possibilities


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