UCM Module

Control module

Invisible to the end user, mounted inside ticket machines.
The design is however important when a sale will separate themselves from the competition.
INT 3200 is a universal control module for:
• Unsupervised payment solutions
• Gateway for communication in vending machine
• Multifunction communication
Product features:
High performance ARM9 processor
• Easy integration
• Versatile
• Multiple interfaces for communication
• POS terminal software compatible
INT3200 is a universal controller module suitable for hosting payment applications as well as other applications.
INT3200 is ideal for building standalone payment solutions based on Sagem PIN pads and secure card readers.
The module is contained in a plastic box that can be easily mounted in the measuring equipment.
The module contains a powerful ARM 9-based CPU, memory, network connection (ethernet), three serial connections, USB host and slave connections.
The module will be available in a special sales version that includes the MDB interface.
The module fits the slot in an EVA size coin-mec.


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