Delays can be seriously expensive

Due to delays, the project for this DECT phone Taro was closed in 1995 after investments of 25 million. CHF.
This huge loss was a crucial motivation to introduce “Integrated Design” to business management… and we did so with great success.

Integrated Design

Previously, Ascom calculated with 24 months for product development.
The design team introduced the “Integrated Design” process, and we shortened the development time to 12 months.
With a team ranging from 10-30 experts, the savings were significant.
Svend Onø was introduced to software ProEngineer and integrated CAD, which again reduced the development from 12 to 9 months, and later from 9 to 6 months, really a great experience and landmark experience.

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Taro receives IF Design Award 1994.

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