Survey & Valuation

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Survey & Valuation
A lawsuit is not only time consuming and strenuous, but will also be a financial burden.
A Statement from a professional expert can be of great importance.
The statement can basically be used in 2 different ways.

You can settle a dispute BEFORE it ends up in court.
Send the Statement to your counterpart.
The opposing party must clearly see that a thorough analysis and investigation has been carried out.
If the opposing party recognizes that arguments are well founded, it will be doubtful that they will continue the violation.

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To settle a dispute WHEN it lands in court.
The Court asks a professional, an expert, to answer various questions.
Once the expert has submitted his statement to the court, the parties have the opportunity to ask additional questions.
On July 1, 2017, new rules of litigation came into force.
This makes it possible to have more experts appointed to answer the same question.

Svend Onø has done several statements of valuation and since 2011 has been called to the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court as Expert Judge and from 2019 High Court.

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