Solo Flexi

Designed for daily use

1:1 Models

Two parts

The secure credit card terminal.
The terminal that can demonstrably handle payments with both chip and magnetic stripe.
Get a fast, shock-resistant terminal that takes into account high activity and shortens the queue where customers have to pay.

1: 1 Cardboard, foam and CAD models, and 3D Print.
In this project, Sagem’s investment was once again secured.
Modeling and fast prototyping was one last step before we went in
0-series and production.

One to the customer and one to the clerk.
Solo Flexi is designed for everyday use.
The design is so simple and logical that both you and the customer can operate the terminal without explanation.
Solo Flexi is produced in robust and durable PVC, so it also lasts well, even after several years of intensive use.

Sagem 2002

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