Simply Light

Lilli Light

This useful and simple lamp strives to be innovative and traditional at the same time. The design is as little design as possible, honest and unobtrusive, easy to understand and its aesthetics is long-lasting. The light is reduced to it’s necessary elements. The beauty is determined by playing with the combination of lighting and materials, a decorative faded graphic is added to enhance the simple yet dynamic shape.

Fabricated from a A4 sized 4mm DuPont™ Corian® glacier white.
Green fade color Serpentine and copper cord, retail price 293,- Euro
Glacier white and copper cord, retail price 240,- Euro

Sublimated and thermoformed by: Mamut design.
Designed by: Svend Onø

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Introduced at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, 5-9 February 2013, the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design, for both home and public environments.


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