Flexible collaboration

Based on your specific needs and the competencies you bring into the project, we put together the services needed to achieve your idea.

Structured process

To secure your investment in Design and Product Development, all projects are divided into steps. Each step concludes with an evaluation and a Go or No-Go decision.

Pay as you go

You have complete control over your investment in Design and Product Development … and we lead the projects across the finish line, on time and on budget.

Get a quick overview of the opportunities to develop your business

We put together the best team of experts to achieve your project.
From designers, to professors over engineers, depending on your specific needs.

Design Brief

All projects start with a design brief. It is crucial to our collaboration that we talk about your visions and success criteria.
Together we will define specific goals, milestones, budget, design process and prerequisites such as production, materials, distribution and markets.

Your outcome
You get an overview of the actions that will ensure a high return on your investment in design.

Increase your revenue by 32%

Design Strategy

With a design strategy, we plan your product portfolio and pipeline for new products.
Focusing on users’ wants and needs, we create the foundation and strategy for new products and new markets.

Your outcome
You get a storyboard that will support future strategic decisions for your business.

User Insight

If we do not impress the users, there is no business. We look at focus groups, assesses their needs, create personas and scenarios. We use Trend and Lifestyle analysis and thoroughly investigate functionality and ergonomics.

Your outcome
You get a storyboard that provides a crucial insight into your users’ hidden needs and stated desires.

Design Analysis

We analyze your market, your competitors and new technology. This is how we avoid imitating and we can create your own unique design product and Brand.

Your outcome
You are presented with the opportunities to optimize your products and make them better and more attractive than the competitors.

Idea & Concept Development

We develop new solutions, whether you have an idea that needs clarification or whether we need to develop a new idea and concept for you.
We work creatively with conceptual idea modeling, problem solving, materials, construction, production and distribution.

Your outcome
You get variants of realistic concepts that include practical and simple solutions.

Product Identity

Our core competence is developing a unique identity for your particular product.
The visual impression of the product must support your Brand, match the product portfolio or may be the starting point for a new business.

Your outcome
You get combinations of functionality, aesthetic proportions, materials, colors and finishes to impress the users.


Through our partners, we offer all relevant competencies in hardware, software and mechanics development as well as project management and testing.
We offer design for tools, various calculations and assessments, analyzes, simulation and global sourcing.

Your outcome
You get design solutions ready for production so you can bring it to market.


We use all means for you to see, feel and test your product. Along the way, you can easily decide if you want to invest additional time and money into the project.
We start with hand sketches and go into physical and digital models so you can assess and test aesthetics and features.
Your outcome
You get sketches, renderings, 3D animation and visual effects, all of which can be used for presentations and the market can be tested.

Design protection

Onø Design advises on strategic use of intellectual property and we use our knowledge of design protection to provide you with unique products that strengthen your business and Brand. We develop designs that are new and special and thus can be protected.
Your outcome
You get your product’s design and appearance protected for up to 25 years.
Protect your design