Sinus 51

Beocom 5000

Cordless Telephone

Samba stands out with its simple and cost-effective design.
It consists of only five parts assembled with snap locks.
Apart from the batteries, no heavy metals are used.
The design is based on the interplay between convex and concave surfaces, giving a compact and sleek look.
This is done down to the last detail; For example, the keys on the handset are recessed into a concave surface to prevent them from being accidentally activated.
The handset fits well with the base, which enhances the compact appearance of the device.


Samba is the third generation of cordless phone design.
Circuits and other components were also used for Swiss Telecom, Sinus 51 and Beocom 5000.

Sinus 51 receives the IF Design Award 1996.

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