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SAGEM Denmark

With a product used by more than 2 million Danish credit cards, 737 million transactions and an annual turnover of 36.2 billion euros, functionality and ergonomics are crucial factors for the product’s success.
The payment terminal FLEXI from SAGEM provides the highest security, is user-friendly and fits any store interior and environment.


1:1 foam models

CAD 3D models


Matching products

Designed for intensive use

The secure credit card terminal.
The terminal that can demonstrably handle payments with both chip and magnetic stripe.
Get a fast, shock-resistant terminal that takes into account high activity and shortens the queue where customers have to pay.

1:1 Models

1: 1 Cardboard, foam and CAD models, and 3D Print.
In this project, Sagem’s investment was once again secured. Modeling and fast prototyping was one last step before we went into 0-series and production.


Solo Flexi

The customer pays with Flexi and the clerk uses Solo Flexi for.
Solo Flexi is designed for everyday use.
The design is so simple and logical that both you and the customer can operate the terminal without explanation.
Solo Flexi is produced in robust and durable PVC, so it also lasts well, even after several years of intensive use.

Payment terminal

For companies looking to implement unsupervised payment solutions for self-service customers, Cryptera offers UPT 7000, a brand new payment terminal, designed for ultimate security and efficient payment processing.
UPT 7000 is the ideal piece of hardware for manufacturers looking to deliver fast and easy payment applications to their customers while complying with the highest internationally recognized security standards, all without human intervention in the payment process.

Quick and easy operation

A bright screen, ergonomic design and integrated card reader significantly enhance the user experience. The UPT 7000 is robustly built with a gray polymer housing and LCD backlit display, and excels in outdoor locations as it is capable of operating in temperatures as high as 65 ° C and as low as -68 ° C.
With a growing list of applications, the UPT 7000 has success on ticket kiosks, payment services, gaming kiosks, parking kiosks, car washes and more.

Ultimate security

For added security, the UPT 7000 is powered by the Crypteras Generic Payment Application, which provides an EMV-compatible integration layer of security between the display, PIN and card reader, and the payment processing software on the terminal. This means that both the provider and the user can be sure that their unsupervised payment is secure.


Payment unit for ticket machine

Sagem Denmark’s payment solutions are designed to suit various unprotected environments that require reliable and secure card payment.
Solutions have been chosen with units from the Sagem Denmark product range.
Flexibility in physical integration as well as software integration is high, which makes the solutions ideal for many applications such as:
• Self-service petrol stations
• Ticket machines
• Parking facilities
• Slot machines
• Kiosk solutions

Easy, flexible integration

To facilitate physical integration and allow a variation of the user interface, the PIN code and the card reader are separate devices.
This ensures high flexibility in mechanical integration in new and existing equipment.

Withstands harsh environments

The Sagem Denmark product range consists of PIN code and secure card reader products designed to work in different climates and resist vandalism. The products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


Ad hoc design assignments

Payment solutions



Unmanned Payment Terminal

Sagem IU

Pub Terminal

Controller Modul

Security screen


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