Innovative Cleaner

Simply much better and more hygienic than a traditional toilet brush

The head of this ultra-hygienic toilet cleaner is made of silicone.
The shape and softness of the ribbing has been specially designed to clean even the most inaccessible surfaces of the toilet.
The Cleaner stays clean after use because the design and the material of the silicone head prevents stains that cause the build up of bacteria.

“I challenged Svend Onø to develop a design for a new family of bathroom accessories for RODE Bath.
To our satisfaction, he proved to be a highly talented and competent designer and came up with numerous inspiring and excellent ideas we could choose from. The design solutions and ingenious toilet cleaner were the starting point of developing our new business and brand.
Svend’s professional approach, dedication and creative spirit, resulted in a design profile which we expect to have a high impact and international success.
It is a great pleasure working with Svend and I give my best recommendation.”
Jacob Rode – 2014

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