Service Platform

When you contact Onø Design, it is always Svend Onø you will talk to. I run the design studio as a creative one-man business, working with other experts all depending on the tasks. We want to give you the very best skills for designing and manufacturing your future products.
Inventive and dedicated experts collaborate. We put together the best team to achieve your specific project.
We combine creativity with design, human factors and technology.

Svend Onø

Design Consultant

Specialized in design and product development for international Brands and Startups.
Svends has a holistic creative approach and core competencies are Design Aesthetics, Design Management, Product & Design Strategies, Product & Design Management; Analysis of a Product Portfolio & Product Pipeline Planning.
In addition to being a creative Designer, he do surveys & valuations and is Expert Judge of the Maritime and Commercial Court, Eastern High Court and Chairman of the Board, the Danish Designpanel

Future Navigator

Future research

Future research can only be done in a collaborative process where all competences and perspectives are brought into play.
Future Navigator always works with the possible and desirable future that we are moving into, to seek inspiration to change the present for the better.
Future Navigator’s special focus is the mega trends and wildcards that can change our way of thinking, feeling and acting

LuciA Arragucci

Business development

LuciA Arrigucci’s core competence is to support start-ups, scale-ups and established companies to develop an idea, service or product into something that can be sold.
LuciA provides 10 services within product, range and business development and works with a global team of professionals and investors.
No-nonsense, pragmatic, committed and transparent approach guaranteed.

Lene Nielsen


Denmark’s leading specialist in Personas.
Lene has a PhD. in Personas and Scenarios and have been working with both Industry and Governmental bodies.
Lene Nielsen have developed the method
”10 steps to Personas” and published the book “Persona – User Focused Design”.

FÆNØ Design

Visual identity

Fænø Design is a specialist in visual identity, communication and design. Klaus focus on high graphic quality, ease of use and customer needs. Klaus solve tasks that encompass the entire spectrum from analysis and concept development to the development of visual identity, logo design, web design, design manuals and printed matter, etc.

Thorup Media


Michael produces video that boost sales and communications. Video production is an obvious communication solution when it comes to creating visibility and conversion.
Thorup Media helps you create relevant content tailored to your video strategy.

Morten Bartholdy

3D Visual effect

Morten is a specialist in Softimage XSI 3D, and has worked on numerous feature films and commercials.
Morten handles all aspects of a production, from planning graphics and visual effects through recording and production of all 3D elements to final composition.

Claus Mølgaard


Trained as mold maker and has a master degree in Engineering and a PhD. in Plastic and Environmental Sciences, from Technical University of Denmark.
Claus is external collaboration Partner. Since 1988 Claus has worked with and specialized, in developing Designers Products.



Kim Fahrenholtz offers the best resources for device development. All consultants have solid experience and TechPeople can deliver, whether you need a project manager, a developer or a test manager.
Services: Embedded Software Development, Platforms, Communication, Hardware Development, Mechanics Development, Project Management and Test Management.