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Because of competition in the market, too much cannot be revealed.
Here on the site only a small tab of the idea is lifted.
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Solar Light

20 ideas to choose from.

Fashion hanger

Adapts to the clothes.


New features and benefits.

Parking meter

Get your Brand on the disc.

Wrist watch

Play with time.


Never more cold feet.

Avoid paint mess


Toilet Sign

A cheeky wayfinder.

Toilet + Seat


Pill Box

Easier dosing.

Cutting Board

More new features.

Bread Box

Bring the board on the table.

Ice Cream Spoon

Don’t wait for the ice to melt.

Series of pots

Bring the pot to the table.

Thermo Drinking Glass

No bad surprises.

Drinking Glass

Serie of drinking glass.

Combo Tray

Dual function series.

Fruit Tray

Simple and beautiful design.

Serving Dishes

Series that can be combined.

Bowls & dishes

Keeps the temperature.


The bag always fits.


Keeps the food fresh.

Thermo Bottle

Includes several features.

Butter Cooler

Keeps the butter cool.


Flexible for versatile use.


Package + Wine Rack

Parasol Base

Stable and easy to move.

Side Board

Unique Furniture + Glass Art.


Numerous proposals.

Sofa Bed

Stylish and Practical.


Numerous ideas for Chairs.


Role playing for children.

Children bed

Grows with the child.

Christmas Calendar

24 happy days with gifts.

Digitalt Play

Fundraising for Charity.

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