Great improvement

Perfect tooth brushing is as easy as biting and chewing now – everybody can do it already, automatically, and user errors are eliminated.


  • Always all places are cleaned
  • Your teeth are always cleaned with perfectly applied Bass-technique
  • Bristle pressures are always at an optimum – meaning optimum plaque removal and optimum protection of gums and tooth surfaces
  • Only the to-be-cleaned surfaces are cleaned and nothing else – perfectly protecting your gums.
  • No bad breath anymore, thanks to your teeth and tongue being always perfectly cleaned automatically
  • Flossing is really easy now
  • Brushing just 4 seconds longer with the Blizzident equals ca. 3 additional minutes brushing with your hand (and 2 minutes with your electric toothbrush). 10 Blizzident-seconds equal ca. 6 minutes brushing by hand.
  • Toothbrushing time is just ca. 6 seconds. Conventional brushing and flossing takes ca. 10 minutes per day. Blizzident brushing and flossing takes just about one minute per day. Thus you save about 50 hours per year – that’s more than a working week!
  • Toothbrushing errors are impossible now  – for children too
  • Perfect toothbrushing is so easy now – it is real fun
  • No powerconsumption, no batteries, no noise from electromotors, nothing that can break
  • 100% recyclable (made 100% from biocompatible plastics)

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