Your new product design
can increase your
company revenue with


… and if you got a stock-based corporation

56% higher return

The numbers have not been taken out of thin air!
… they are based on a study with 2 million financial data points and over 100,000 design actions over five years.


From 0 to 3 milLion USD in revenue

… in just 3 years with 5 designs!



Whether you are a Business Owner, Development Director,
Project Manager or Entrepreneur …

… you will probably want to know the challenges and obstacles.

  • How do you find the right product ideas?
  • How do you know you have a good idea?
  • What creative methods do you use to ask the difficult and critical questions?
  • How do you develop just the right product?
  • What competencies do you need to realize your project?
  • What are the risks of starting a new project?
  • What happens if the schedule and budget are exceeded?
  • Do you work parallel on everything that helps the product on its way to the market?
  • How do you position and strengthen your company in the future?
  • What product strategy do you have for your company’s development and design DNA?
  • What do you do if your products are plagiarized?
  • How is it handled if a competitor comes on the market first?

Getting a good start

you avoid …

  • Wasting your time and money on a wrong idea
  • Expensive pitfalls in the development process
  • Lacking of your customers’ attention

Focus on the solution

We follow your idea to the fullest. In addition, we use a clear and simple process, which is at the same time both creative and structured.

  1. Analyzes become insights
  2. Insight turns into ideas
  3. Ideas become business

Take the first step now

A Design Brief is for you who …

  • Want to get off to a good start
  • Want the full overview
  • Do not take unnecessary risks

We aim to turn ideas into attractive, useful and profitable products.

Your outcome will be

  • New business opportunities
  • New ideas and concepts
  • Attractive design solutions
  • Focus on users and new markets
  • Reliable and focused design process
  • High return on investment of design value

Your design partner

I love to explore, develop and design and I put action behind my words.
“The first ideas were ahead of their time, the design became after 4 years State-of-art on the market.”

Bo Lustrup – KiSS Technology

“Svend Onø is creative in a rare and sensitive way, which results in excellent design.”

Carsten Jørgensen – Bodum

“The tasks were completed reliably and on time to our full satisfaction.”

Martin Iseli – Ascom Schweiz

“The design solution was the starting point for developing our new business and Brand.”

Jacob Rode – Rode Bath

When do you need a Design Brief?

  • If you have an idea you want to realize
  • If want to create a healthy business
  • If you want to meet your users
  • If you want to know your market better
  • If you want targeted design solutions

First investment …

We gather all the info so we can get an overview of what we need to do to get to the goal of the idea.

The first hour is free

Order a Design Brief

Get an overview

We arrange a meeting to get your specific needs and wishes for the project in place.
We will talk about the possibilities and your:

  • Visions
  • Success criteria
  • Goals
  • Milestones
  • Budget
  • Markets
  • Production
  • Distribution

… and about how we can help you further.

Flexible collaboration

We assemble the best team of experts to get to the goal of your project.
From designers, over professors to engineers, depending on your specific needs.

Pay as you go

You get full control over your investment in Design and Product Development.
  • We finish each step with an evaluation
  • We agree Go or No-Go decisions
  • We lead projects through to the finish
  • … on time
  • … within the agreed budget
Call +45 21 75 67 39


You probably also want to get started as soon as possible to develop your ambitious idea and strengthen your business!

… and yes, product development is wildly exciting and design is crucial to your bottom line!

… but please do not make the same mistake as many others, namely to go too fast in solution mode.

The first investment is a Design Brief.
You get a good start and get the full picture.

Let us have a clarifying meeting, the first hour is free.

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