Remote Control

Remote control for luxury hotels

Stylish and well-balanced design is essential when designing 5-star hotels around the world.
The design is as little design as possible, honest and discreet, easy to understand, and its aesthetics last a long time.
This remote control is designed for LOCATEL, a French company specializing in IT solutions.
The remote control lets the 5-star hotel focus on their key competence in service, and lets LOCATEL take care of guest-facing experiences.
“I had the pleasure of working with Svend on a project of remote control for 2M Locatel.
Svend conducted an impressive study of ergonomics, other designs and users.
He has designed what I believe is one of the most elegant RCs ever to see the light of day, one I would be very happy to have in my own home and something that could potentially increase sales to my company alone.
I would recommend Svend at any time and will definitely work with him again given the opportunity”.

René Sørensen
2M Locatel


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