Enhanced Rotary Blow Moulding Technology

A new rotary blow moulding solution from Bianor enables production of items unavailable to obtain with standard injection methods — i.e. with thick walls and concave shapes. It also significantly increases design possibilities and the end value of products. As a result of cooperation with Philips a spherical “Living Colors” lamp has been created. It is made from glass-like copolymer — a less expensive and safer material than natural glass. Apart from perfect implementation, the lamp has high endurance to mechanical damage.

Bianor Rotary Blow Molding (BRBM) can be used in a number of manufacturing applications, ranging from cosmetics and packaging, unbreakable kitchenware,to displays and parts of household appliances. A key element of the process is controlled blow of partly hardened plastic in the form. Technology and staple also allow to the manufacture transparent and colored (with any degree of transparency) materials, painted, galvanised or decorated otherwise.


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