Kiss your black box

In 2000, Onø Design was challenged to develop a new design line for KiSS Technology.
We started with the DVD series 500. The new design strives to be simple and timeless.
KiSS Technology was among the first to take advantage of the DiVX format.
DiVX reduces file sizes, making it a perfect format for broadcast and streaming movies.
• Stop and play live TV whenever you want.
• Record up to 300 hours of TV program directly on the player’s hard disk.
• Get direct access to all your favorite audio, video and image files from your PC – and watch them on your TV, plasma or widescreen.
After 4 years of collaboration, the marketing manager stated:
“Some of your first sketches four years ago are now state-of-art Design.
If we had just followed your advice on design, we would now have a much stronger Brand ”.
In 2004, KiSS Technology was sold to Linksys, which is owned by the American company Cisco.


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