Design protection

We can protect the design and appearance of your product for up to 25 years.
The protection covers the entire overall visual impression of the design, i.e. lines, contours, colors, shape and structure.
If others infringe your design, it is possible through the court to have a ban on the manufacture, sale, import or rental of the same or similar products.
In addition, you can be awarded compensation for your loss through the court.
Within the EU, it is possible to protect designs in all 28 Member States with just a single application.

Our expertise

To get protection, a design must be:
NEW – It is not possible to protect a design if a similar design has been previously published.
SPECIAL – To protect a design, it must have an individual character. This means that the overall impression must be clearly different from the design of other known products.

For each product and product series, we create the visual overall impression with recognizable alignment, contours, colors, shapes and structures, which make your design solution something new and special.

Design strategy

Onø Design advises on strategic use of intellectual property and we use our knowledge of Design Protection to provide you with unique products that strengthen your business and brand.

We work with leading legal experts to proactively protect and safeguard your rights.

– Inventions
– Name and Logo
– Design

Svend Onø works in parallel with Survey & Valuation, Expert Judge in the Maritime and Commercial Court and the Eastern High Court and as Chairman of the Board of the Association “Danish Design Panel”.

Survey & Valuation

A Survey & Valuation Statement from a professional expert will be of great importance and can basically be used in 2 different ways.

You can settle a dispute BEFORE it ends in court. Use the Statement to stop the infringement of the other party.

To settle a dispute WHEN it lands in court.
The court asks a professional, an expert, to answer various questions.

Design analysis

We analyze your market, your competitors and new technology. This is how we avoid imitating and we can create your own unique design product and Brand.
Your dividend
You will be presented with the opportunities to optimize your products and make them better and more attractive than the competition.