Denmark get its Design Panel

Now it becomes easier to secure design rights.

On 12 November 2020, the founding general meeting of the Association Design Board was held.
The association must ensure that a future design board can assess cases of copyright infringement for architects, designers and artisans in an easy and flexible way.
The association’s board will set up a professional ‘dispute board’, the Design Board. The board must, in a simple and quick way, handle legal disputes regarding infringement of architecture, design and craftsmanship.
The design board is independent of parties and is based on the highest expertise in the field. This ensures that the board’s opinions become so strong that no one will take the cases to the ordinary court system after an opinion has been issued by the Design Board.
Experience from the corresponding Swedish ‘Opinionsnämnd’ shows that statements from a board with broad support from the industry are followed by the courts.
The design board is established on the basis of contributions from the industry organizations behind the board, as well as financial support from the Dreyer Foundation, the Statens Kunstfond and UBVA.
It will cost an amount to bring a case before the board. The amount must cover the costs of the case processing.

Composition of the Design Board
For each subject area within architecture, design and crafts, there will be special experts attached, who have the professional expertise to make decisions in matters of copyright infringement. The board can also be supplemented by additional professional expertise if needed, and can cover all types of cases that occur.
The association is founded by a number of organizations within architecture, design and crafts, as well as Danish industry and Danish business.
Other organizations have shown interest in participating in the association’s work and the board processes the applications for membership of the association at an upcoming board meeting.
The Design Board will be operational in the first half of 2021, which will open for processing cases of copyright infringement.

The parties behind the Design Board
Forbundet Arkitekter og Designere
Design Denmark
Danske Kunsthåndværkere og Designere
Akademikerne ved Udvalget til Beskyttelse af Videnskabeligt Arbejde, UBVA
Dansk Industri
Dansk Erhverv
Designer Svend Onø
Lawyer Johan Løje, Løje IP
Lawyer Claus Barrett Christiansen
Lawyer Hanne Kirk, Gorrissen Federspiel
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