CPH Metro

Payment unit for ticket machine, Copenhagen Metro

Sagem Danmark’s payment solutions are designed to suit various unprotected environments that require reliable and secure card payment.
Solutions have been chosen with units from the Sagem Denmark product range.
Flexibility in physical integration as well as software integration is high, which makes the solutions ideal for many applications such as:
• Self-service petrol stations
• Ticket machines
• Parking facilities
• Slot machines
• Kiosk solutions

Easy, flexible integration

To facilitate physical integration and allow a variation of the user interface, the PIN code and the card reader are separate devices.
This ensures high flexibility in mechanical integration in new and existing equipment.

Withstands harsh environments

The Sagem Denmark product range consists of PIN code and secure card reader products designed to work in different climates and resist vandalism. The products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sagem 2002

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