When it comes to technology this cordless telephone knows all the latest moves.
And dosen’t miss a single beat in terms of design and features. It’s special scrambling facility ensures confidentiality.
And the speed dial memory puts you through within seconds.

Samba stands out with its simple and cost effective design.
It consist of only five parts which are clipped together.
Except for the batteries, no heavy metals are used.
The design is based on the interplay of convex and concave surfaces, producing a compact and sleek appearance.
This is carried through down to the last details; The handset keys, for example, are recessed in a concave surface to prevent their accidentally being pressed.
The handset fits smoothly with the base station, enhancing the units compact appearance.

Third generation Cordless Telephone design.
The circuits and other component was used for Swiss Telecom, Sinus 51 and Beocom 5000.

1996 Samba receives the IF Design Award.