Clean out Ordinary


The “Hygienic” silicone brush is designed with ribs and has the right softness and shape to scrub and clean all surfaces in a toilet.
Silicone is an obvious choice for cleaning toilets. The ribs on the “Hygienic” do not collect dirt, as a traditional brush does between the nylon hairs.
Bacteria can not grow on silicone and in this way keep “Hygienic” clean.
Silicone is a very durable material. “Hygienic” is designed for daily use for many years and in this way protects the environment.


Useful series of accessories for the bathroom:
– Toilet brush Hygienic
– Soap dish
– Soap Dispenser
– Toilet roll holder
– Cotton holder
– Toothbrush holder
– Towel rail
– Hooks
– Scraper


The design strives to be innovative and traditional at the same time.
As little design as possible, honest and discreet, easy to understand, and the aesthetics of the series are of a long-lasting nature.
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2014 – Rode Bath
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