Brands and innovations from China are going global

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Forget the ‘Made in China’ stigma. It should be clear by now that ambitious and confident Chinese brands are already catering to demanding consumers, both at home and increasingly abroad. Including yours. And if you’re a non-Chinese entrepreneur, why not get in touch with some of these brands to see if you can help them roll out globally even faster?

Again, these brands and innovations are just the start. Fuelled by constantly improving technologies, a higher quality workforce and booming domestic consumption, Chinese brands are just warming up.

Which is why all brands need to keep both eyes firmly on China, a market that will increasingly define consumer culture. With Chinese brands exporting goods and services to the rest of the world (not to mention Western brands rolling out the RED CARPET for Chinese consumers around the world), expect to see Chinese tastes and preferences exert ever-greater influence on consumer products and services, and on a global scale too (yes, that’s a Trend Briefing in itself!).

Of course, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the rise of Chinese brands does not signal the end for more traditional brands from Western economies. Brilliance and heritage, from whatever corner of the world, will continue to have a global appeal. Things will ‘just’ get more competitive, meaning you will have to work even harder and smarter. Hey, c’est la vie !

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