Burn Daylight

Solar Lights


Bockia is a Chinese manufacturer of LED Solar Cell Lighting.
With a paradigm shift towards a Scandinavian design approach, eye-catching design and improved features are now offered.

First design was Turner

Good design is good business

In collaboration with Onø Design, Bockia not only increases sales, develops a Brand and a unique market position is underway.
One of four designs that achieved a turnover of 3 mill. USD from 2010 to 2012.

Precise Design

2010 Turner received China’s Most Successful Designs Awards.
China’s Most Successful Designs Awards recognize top international designers and companies for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market.


Aton is filled with water or sand to ensure that the lamp is firm on any surface, hard or soft.
Aton provides the optimal light for outdoor use.

Unique solution

Solar panel with mono-crystalline solar cells on top.
Durable and robust plastic body.
2 x 1200mA ‘AA’, Ni-mH rechargeable batteries
6 x white LEDs.

Design Award

2010 Aton received China’s Most Successful Designs Awards.


RA for Bockia, sleek and minimal design, maximum lighting.
Light your way with Scandinavian design.
Designed with prism that gives a sunlight pattern on the ground.

Holistic approach

New features and a great look do not stand alone.
Maximizing product portfolio design, production, assembly and transportation is crucial to the product’s price and success.

Functional and practical

Charged via solar cells.
80 mm x 505 mm


An attractive solar cell luminaire with diffuser in frosted glass.
Place Blowfish in direct sunlight where the panel can be maximally illuminated with daylight.
The more sunshine, the more hours the light burns. Shady places will affect the charging of the batteries, shortening the time the light can burn in the evening and at night.

Practical and versatile

Can be used both as Bollard and as the Lantern.
– No extra cost for electricity
– Installed in a few seconds
– Automatic ignition at dusk
– No wires, easy installation
– Placed according to your choice
– Battery type AA
– Height: 620 mm
– Diameter: 110 mm

Functional and practical

The glass is loose on the rod and can be moved over to the table.


Produced in robust cast aluminum and frosted glass.
MrX lifts any outdoor area.

Easy production

Charged by sunlight.
130 mm x 670 mm

Functional and practical

The glass is loose on the rod and can be moved over to the table.

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