3D Printed Glasses

Dutch Company Produces World’s First-Ever 3D Printed Glasses

Recently there have been a lot of of articles about the question whether 3D printing will be able conquer the world of opticals. What writers don’t know is that it’s already happening: a Dutch company, called LUXeXcel, has created the first-ever 3D printed glasses. It’s revolutionary and it has the ability to change the way we make glasses for good.

The idea behind 3D printing spectacles is that a person can sit behind a computer while a 3D scanner measures the eyes properly, after which the 3D printer simply prints out the glasses layer by layer. The technical team behind LUXeXcel has found a way to 3D print glasses while the actual glass remains smooth. Their technique also enables them to mix colors in the glasses directly. It speeds up the production of making glasses, because they don’t need finishing. After an eye test the computer sends the test results to the 3D printer in order to print out the glasses.



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