We design useful and attractive products 

Design is created with the senses, the head and the heart.
When creativity, technology and design meet, new valuable opportunities arise.
To achieve success with a product idea, Onø Design focuses on all efforts to identify and realize the crucial factors, from vision to bottom line.
We transform ideas – Knowledge and technology are combined into unique products that will meet and satisfy users and give your business clear competitive advantages.

We are here to give your idea life and form

Let’s find the possibilities.

Tell us about your ideas and wishes.

Increase your revenue by 32%


Design Strategy
Product Identity
Idea, Concept and Product Development

We provide product design

  • Innovative
  • Attractive
  • Profitable

Our focus

  • User needs and requirements
  • New products and new markets
  • High return on investment in design

You get design solutions

  • New business opportunities
  • New ideas and concepts
  • Popular and useful design
Design has to be simple, that’s why it’s so complex
– We can realize your idea and grow your business.

We explore

Analysis turns into insights
Through design and user analysis, the market and people’s needs are identified, the opportunities mapped.

We reflect

Insight turns into ideas
With a creative and focused design process, ideas are filtered, processed and made possible.

We design

Ideas turns into business
Design and details are specified, data is delivered and you will be ready for production and marketing.

Your value

Business turns into value
You get attractive, useful and profitable product solutions.
You achieve results that give your business competitive advantages.


Get to the market with convincing products that create results at the bottom line

The challenge

It only takes a few seconds for a user to decide whether your product is attractive.
All businesses are constantly challenged, to evolve in an dynamically market.
To create a new market or category of products, require an excellent idea, a design strategy plus insight in the market and understanding of people needs and requirements.

We deliver

  • New business opportunities
  • New ideas and concepts
  • Attractive design solutions
  • Focus on users and new markets
  • Reliable and focused design process
  • High return on investment in the design value of your business

The result

Your upcoming products will be in demand, they will meet needs and requirements and make people happy.
The result of user-focused product development and design-driven innovation is increased awareness of your Brand, which enhances the value of your business.


We partner with ambitious Brands and Startups. We love to explore, discover, develop and design – and we put action behind our words.
We will enjoy if our design solutions are inspiring, exciting and surprising.

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Service Platform

Inventive and dedicated experts collaborate on your project. We want to provide you with the best platform for designing and manufacturing your future products.
We combine creativity with design, human factors and technology.

Business Areas

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Toys