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We transform ideas
At Onø Design we are devoted to transform ideas and visions into meaningful and successful products.
We want to move markets and create great value.
Let us meet and talk about how we can develop innovative products that will strengthen and build your business.

CompetitorsWe accelerate growth
We address your needs and business set-up with a systematic and adaptable design process.
Get direct access to our expertise, experience. Combine and choose from 59 offers, see more here.
You get attractive, useful and profitable product solutions which gives your business competitive advantages.

Design ThinkingGet ready for Business
Do you need problems to be solved? You might find Design Thinking very useful. Design Thinking is a way of thinking and behavior that is very suitable for solving wicked problems. Design Thinking is the very foundation of achieving innovative outputs that connects with people.

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Great design
Design is always about people. Design contributes positively to human needs and make us people happy and pleased. Great Design do good and increases the demand for your products and contribute to continuous development and growth of your business


Design value 
It takes only a few seconds to evaluate and decide if a product is attractive and useful. This is why design, appearance and functionality are decisive for the acceptance and success of your product.


Design leadership  
To develop great ideas require knowledge, insight and playful yet structured creativity. Put design and innovation on the agenda and get a targeted design strategy, dedicated product development and unique results.

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